Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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(from Wilkes-Barre Times, March 14, 1896)
Died Very Suddenly. Moses Marks, the Well Known Clothier Passes Away without Warning

Moses Marks, the well known clothing merchant, died very suddenly last evening at 10:40 o'clock at his home on South River street.

During the evening he felt well and was in excellent spirits, chatting pleasantly with several friends who had called. After 10 o'clock he complained of a pain in his chest and went upstairs to take some medicine. His wife heard a groan and going upstairs found him deadly pale. He said he felt as if he was going to faint. Just then he fell over dead.

Moses Marks was 44 years of age. He married Miss Fannie Lowenstein, daughter of the late Henry Lowenstein. His wife and an eight year old son survive.

Deceased was engaged inthe clothing business with his father, Joseph Marks, in Scranton. His father died six years ago. Mr. Marks was a man of excellent business qualities and friendly disposition and many will regret his departure.

He was about to retire from business and had leased his fine new building on the corner of Public Square and South Main street to Finberg & Co.

Eleven years ago the deceased entered into the clothing business in this city with Abram Marks, his brother, under the name of Marks Bros. They remained together for seven years when they dissolved partnership. The store during all this time was at the corner of Public Square and South Main street.

A year and a half ago the preparations were made to erect the large Marks buiding on the site, which is now completed. Mr. Marks moved his clothing store to 82 Public Square (east side) where it now is.